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Kaiwa Table

Hey, all. This is just a post for all you students studying Japanese at or around UW. In case you have been living under a rock (or in case we just don't advertise that well), we want to tell you a bit about the best unofficial Japanese-speaking club at UW. Well, maybe not the best, but at least the only one. Maybe.

Anyhow, Kaiwa Table has been around for nearly a decade now, though many ideas and people have come and gone in that time. It was initially started (according to our slightly warped legends) by the Technical Japanese Program, until they lost interest and passed it off to the civvies. These days it's run by a disparate* group of international students and one or two Americans, even. We meet twice a week on the UW campus and also have other get-togethers like parties, karaoke, etc. If you wanna check it out, visit the website to find out more: CLICK!

*Yes, we really did mean 'disparate', not 'desparate'
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